In Zagreb

When they arrive (at the house, apartment, on the public space or at any other place) it is necessary to register them by calling the phone number of the police administration of Zagreb county (192) or the National Protection and Rescue Directorate (112).

They are given THE BASIC DATA FOR THE REGISTRATION OF DEATH (if known) regardless of whether it is natural death (illness or old age), an accident or violent death. Police officers and the coroner will arrive at the place of death as soon as possible.

BASIC DATA NECESSARY TO REGISTER THE DEATH in the house, apartment, on public space or at any other place:

  • name and surname of the deceased person
  • the age of the deceased (age in years)
  • location (address) of the occurrence of death
  • time of death
  • was the deceased person ill or were they being treated in a medical institution
  • name and surname of the person reporting the death
  • phone number for contact.