The organisation and procession of the funeral ceremony

After having arranged for the services related to the funeral of the deceased, it is our wish to facilitate the funeral procession for our customers.

The preparation begins with your arrival, up to 60 minutes before the scheduled appointment.

People with disabilities can arrive by using the direct access with the car to get to the main entrance of the cemetery or mortuary with the prior consent which they need to obtain from the cemetery administration.

Before relatives and friends enter the stage room, the casket with the deceased is set on the catafalque with decorations and symbols that have been agreed.

The very act of parting with the deceased begins by entering the stage room where the mourners express their condolences.

They gather in front of the morgue, the catafalque, and after that, upon the sound of the funeral bell or music (if thus agreed) they are summoned by to access that part of the room where the funeral ceremony begins. From the catafalque with the casket of the deceased, accompanied by relatives and a religious representative (in case their presence has been agreed to according to the religion of the deceased) comes to the part of the room where the funeral begins. The casket with the deceased is placed on the trolley or hearse, and the closest family members and the religious representative stand next to the casket.

Other members that are in charge of the protocol of holding decorations, pictures or some other items stand next to the casket on the front side where the funerary sign is placed.

Wreaths and all other flowers from the rest of the room or the morgue are set on the trolley or vehicle for the transport of flowers. In addition to the music played from the music player that can be arranged at the funeral, the family of the deceased or the funeral agency can make it available at the morgue, as well. It can also be a vocal or brass ensemble or some other ensemble, and the farewell speech and musical services need to be arranged in advance according to the protocol.

After the relatives and others get close to the trolley or hearse, the arranged funeral ceremony begins. The completion of the ceremony takes place at the grave after the blessing of the grave by a religious representative, and in the name of the final farewell, the mourners scatter small amounts of soil or flower petals into the grave of the deceased.

Each detail is foreseen by the protocol, and there is no room for improvisation, so all eventual deviations from the official organisation need to be aligned with the Master of the funeral ceremony, before the funeral is to take place.