Nursing homes and medical foster homes

Institutions or foster carers of this type report the person's death to a competent coroner service that will establish the cause of death. Following the examination, they will make sure that the deceded is taken from the room or the department into their morgue.

The closest family member will be informed on the death and on how to proceed. Namely, upon the admission of the welfare-dependent residents at nursing homes dana are gathered on their membership in associations, such as Posmrtna pripomoć (Funeral Assistance), as well as on the cemetery plot and the person who will pay for funeral expenses (in case there is such a person). In case the costs are covered by the competent Centre for Social Welfare, then mortuary equipment will be supplied by and transport to the morgue arranged in agreement with the institution or the foster carer. The competent social worker will take care that each resident is buried with dignity in accordance with the laws and regulations on covering the costs of the welfare-dependent persons.