Memorial book

The loss of a loved one is a great shock for everyone who was close to the deceased, and the sense of disbelief very quickly turns into sorrow and pain that is followed by a strong emotional charge. Although it is impossible, we will try to fill the void as much as we can by remembering how much our favourite family member, friend or colleague, who is not with us, meant to us. The memory of many shared moments and good deeds will surely bring tears, but it will also bring a smile on our faces.

Since the farewell from a dear person is full of unique emotions that will eventually become less intense over time, thoughts and feelings that overwhelm us at that moment are worth transferring into the memorial book and therefore storing them permanently.

Every family or work team can create it, according to their own ideas, which means that the memorial book, like a scrapbook, will be more personalized if we enrich it with photos, personal documents or details like pressed dried flowers.

It is important to write about the lifestyle, hobbies and things that were important to the deceased, since the memorial book features intertwined facts and thoughts of the people who loved him/her, a unique collage is created that family members will want to get a hold of in moments of nostalgia and sadness, that is, when they will be able to find strength and inspiration in the written testimonies to help them overcome the sadness.

The memorial book is displayed in the home of the deceased before or after the funeral, in the workplace of the deceased, during the commemoration service or the post-funeral reception. POKOP funeral agency offers you several types of memorial books.