Upon the death of a person, the closest family members of the deceased will inform the relatives and close friends of the sad news, who will share it with the others. Through obituaries they will inform the neighbours and acquaintances on the passing away of our beloved one, as well as of the time and place of the religious service. It is usually posted in a popular public place, such as a local store or noticeboard so as to make it visible to a large number of people, and according to tradition, it is also placed above the entrance into the building in which the deceased lived, as well as the company at which he or she worked.

Obituary layout design varies according to religious denomination. Obituaries can also contain the photograph of the deceased which helps identify the defunct.

Obituaries often contain additional information relevant to the family of the deceased, such as the bank account number of the charitable organisation to which contributions are paid instead of buying flowers, or a request for expressing condolences in silence, while others contain occasional spiritual quotes or verses.

We offer several types of obituaries tailored to various religious, local and other customs.