Memorial urns

When we lose someone dear, what we miss at first and the most is his or her physical presence. It is difficult for us to accept that he or she is gone, and it is still more difficult to say goodbye for good to the one who was always there for us. At such times, we often fear that our memories would not provide us sufficient consolation. Owing to the existence of cremation urns, today there is a possibility to keep a permanent memory of the deceased not only in our mind.

Namely, following the official funeral service which includes placing of the big urn into the main resting place (such as grave, tomb or ashes casket), one can take a small quantity of ashes with him. In this way, if the person prefers so, the family or community can keep preserving the memory of their member in their home, and the sense of connectedness and vivid memory of beautiful moments spent together can be kept with themselves even in case of moving to another place.

Cremation urn enables us also to fulfill the last wish of the diseased and to make the place of his eternal rest the ne he prefers, not the one required by social norms and laws. While many yearn to return to their homeland, the others will find their peace in the endlessness of connecting with Nature. By placing or scattering ashes onto a selected area, the circle will close at last.

We offer a design of your urn which will suit your sensibility best, as well as its purpose.