Arranging and conducting of the final farewell ceremony

After having arranged the final farewell service in the crematorium, we wish to make it easier for the users of our services to manage the organisation and the performing of the final farewell service in the crematorium.

The preparing of the final farewell ceremony starts with your arrival, some 60 minutes before the appointed time, and the very arrival is enabled by means of the central staircase towards funeral parlors and service halls for catafalques.

The physically disabled can arrive using the driveway to access the main entrance into the Crematorium by car, with the permit issued by the Cemetery Administration beforehand.

Before the family and friends enter the hall for catafalque, the casket with the deceased is placed on the catafalque, together with the decoration and the agreed symbols.

The final farewell ceremony starts with the entering of family and friends into the hall for catafalques, where the mourners at the ceremony express their sympathy to them.

The rest of the mourners gather at the lobby, after which the sound of the funeral bells or music (if so agreed) summons them to gather in the area in which the final farewell ceremony starts. From the hall with catafalques, the casket with the deceased,accompanied by the relatives and a religious representative (if he is to be present at the ceremony according to the religious domination of the deceased) is carried into the hall in which the final farewell ceremony starts.The casket with the deceased is placed onto the casket trolley or a hearse, with the closest family members and the religious representative standing next to the casket.

The other members who are in charge of the protocol of holding the medals, the photograph or some other items must stand next to the casket in front, where the headstone is placed.

Wreaths and all the other floral arrangements from the hall with the catafalques or the morgue are placed onto the casket trolley or onto the vehicle for the transportation of flowers. In addition to the music that can be played on the player at the funeral, the music at the morgue is to be arranged by the family of the deceased or the funeral service provider. A vocal or wind ensemble, or some other type of ensemble can also be provided, and according to the protocol which is to be respected and prepared beforehand we can also arrange holding of the farewell speech and music services.

Upon the arrival of the family and relatives and their getting close to the casket trolley or hearse, the agreed funeral ceremony initiates. The ceremony ends at the grave upon its blessing by the religious representative, and as a sign of bidding the final farewell the mourners scatter small amounts of soil or flower petals into the grave of the deceased.

Each detail is regulated by the protocol, with the funeral ceremony not allowing improvisation. Therefore, each activity not in line with the official protocol is to be agreed with the master of funeral ceremony before the beginning of the ceremony.