Arranging and conducting a final farewell service in the crematorium

After having arranged the final farewell service in the crematorium, we wish to make it easier for the users of our services to manage the arranging and the performing of the final farewell service in the crematorium.

The preparing of the final farewell ceremony starts with your arrival, some 30 minutes before the appointed time, and the very arrival is enabled by means of the central staircase towards funeral parlors and service halls for catafalques.

The physically disabled can arrive using the driveway to access the main entrance into the Crematorium by car.

Before the family and friends enter the hall for catafalque, the casket with the deceased is placed on the catafalque, together with the decoration and the agreed symbols.

The final farewell ceremony starts with the entering of family and friends into the hall for catafalques, where the mourners at the ceremony express their sympathy to them.

The rest of the mourners gather at the lobby, after which the sound of funeral bells (if thus agreed) and quiet music summon the mourners to enter the hall in which the final farewell ceremony is to take place.

From the hall for catafalques, accross the hallway, the catafalque with the casket is brought into the final farewell service hall. The catafalque is placed onto the platform that the casket rests on, with wreaths, decorations etc. placed around it beforehand.

Except for the playing of funeral music, it is possible to engage a vocal ensamble at the very hall for final farewell ceremonies. One can select the songs to be played from the list of funeral songs of the Crematorium, the funeral company, or the family members can provide them. The songs must be played from the original media, except for the very old songs for which an original media cannot be provided. All the details regarding the music to be played must be arranged with a day before the final farewell ceremony.

After the family has gathered around the catafalque, the arranged final farewell ceremony initiates.

The ceremony ends by a symbolic lowering of the casket with the deceased, and as a final farewell mourners throw flower petals at the spot where the casket is lowered.

There is a procedure for each detail of the service, and the ceremony does not allow for improvisation. Therefore, all the potential deviations from the official organisation must be agreed with the master of ceremonies, before the beginning of the final farewell ceremony.