About the text

Regarding the concept itself, the farewell speech, as well as any other high quality text, should have a clear welcome message (such as: Dear friend/Grandma) followed by a short introduction. It is up to you whether you will choose to speak directly to the person you are referring to or you will adapt the speech and dedicate it to the grieving family. The majority of your words should refer to the person in whose honour you have gathered, and the content can be sorted chronologically or you can tell a story of the life of the deceased which has inspired you to write it, through one detail/event that is known to everyone or to you.

Leave something memorable for the end, like a verse or phrase that was typical for the deceased. The final part should be strong and dignified, not pathetic. If you want to give your speech a deeper meaning and convey universal messages through it, we advise you that before you start writing you collect quotes from the famous, impressive excerpts from literary works, commemorative proverbs or beautiful spiritual thoughts that will enhance your expression. Do not attempt to copy their style; write in a simple way, and if you feel that it is required, enrich the text with one or a maximum of two master phrases.

The beginning often happens to be very difficult,but when the words start flowing in torrents, you will not be able to stop them. Do not worry, you can do this. However, if you get stuck in some place, we will be here, ready to help you.