Grave care

Sometimes, our life circumstances move us away, for a short or long period of time, from our place of residence. In these moments we leave our home, friends, dear colleagues and neighbours behind, as well as the eternal resting place of those who are not with us anymore. Nostalgia for the homeland is especially strong in the moments we remember our deceased, such as the All Saints' days, Christmas or on special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

In order to keep the graves of your loved ones always neat, appropriately decorated and regularly visited, even when you are not there, POKOP can offer a full range of services among which we highlight grave cleaning, decorating, landscaping maintenance, cleaning and polishing stones, lighting candles, flower decorations, as well as individual one-time or occasional services.

The services of our experts and decorators are also suitable for everyone who, due to a lack of time, is not currently able to fully commit to the care for the quiet home of their loved ones, and it is important that the they reflect the memory and love that is cherished towards the deceased in a dignified way.

Every order you make is unique to us and we will process it according to your personal preferences and your taste, owing to the strict observance of your orders and many years of experience. We will be your hands in which you can safely leave all the care for the grave, but we will also be your eyes, since we will document the before and after condition through photos.

We have prepared a selection of candles and flowers on our web site, but this is only a part of what we offer. Contact our creative team with confidence even if you are not able to find a particular type of lantern or floral arrangement, as well as if you need further inspiration. You can ask us questions by e-mail or you can contact us by phone (contact).

Do not let the out of sight remains the out of mind.