Funeral memorial photography and videography

In order for the memories to be stored, we recommend you record the moment of bidding a final farewell on photographic or video camera. This is the only way in which the entire ceremony into which so much effort and love were put will remain preserved for you and for further generations as well. All the things difficult to be expressed by words will be told by a photograph or a video; from the faces of the attendants to the selection of flowers and music, each detail will talk about the indellible mark that the life of the deceased has left on us.

Our professional experience can guarantee high quality of photographs and videos, as well as of the digital video editing. Our services include photo and video shooting of the funeral, final farewell, as well as of all the other events related to bidding a final farewell to our loved ones.

You can view our basic offer and prices on our website, in the section OUR OFFER. For all the other information, please send us a REQUEST.