Planning of the Funeral

Each of us is special in his or her own way. There are numerous details which distinguish us one from the other, both during our lifetime and in the moment of our bidding farewell to this world. Some of us will prepare their relatives on time for this inevitable event, while the others will let them select the most appropriate burial arrangement, without thinking about the future. We will be in the same situation when the death of a dear person occurs suddenly. While for some people we can say with certainty what would be the arrangement and the place of burial, since we have discussed this issue with them on several occasions during their life or they left some written instructions to us in this respect, a gret majority will be faced with the fact that within a brief period of time need to make a decision and take care of numerous details.

Regadless of the concrete situation in which we have found ourselves, POKOP funeral company and their experts are by your side. We will give you advice and guidelines, in order for the entire process of the planning of the funeral to be goes as smooth and as pleasant as possible, and owing to our experience and the high level of professionalism in this area, we firmly believe that you will find in us a reliable business partner for the realisation of the overall funeral service or of one of its parts.

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For all the other inquiries we are at your disposal in one of our offices or through our contact page.

Before taking any further steps, you need to decide whether you will choose cremation or a traditional burial, which are the only burial arrangements that are legally valid. Sometimes, while still among the living, some people tell their family in what way they would like to be buried. This can be done orally or in writing, as their last wish or a testament. Although people do not talk much about the very moment of death, we often witness the conversations from which we can find out the opinion of the people on this inevitable event which we are all to experience. It is a common thing for the family members to want to be buried in different ways, even in case of spouses. Therefore, such a decision is not to be made ad hoc, but rather try to find out the opinion of the deceased and, if necessary, ask for an advice within his or her religious community.

Cremation is the process of of technical heating that reduces the body to ashes at high temperatures, after which the body is placed into the urns intended for this purpose. The entire procedure is carried out at the Zagreb Crematorium, and in addition to the main urn made of aluminium or a special type of plastics, the ashes can be placed into a metal, cardboard or plastic container. Due to a number of reasons, such as: the reduction of the number of graves and population mobility, there are ever more indviduals and families who opt for cremation, due to an easier and a cheaper procedure which also enables for the memory of a dear one to be kept with us, since it is possible to separate a small piece and to keep it in a separate memorial urn.

The burial is the decision of the owner of traditional graves, as well as of all those to whom religious reasons or their own beliefs do not allow for cremation. This form of burial used to be the most popular one in Croatia, but each day it is being ever less performed due to a modern lifestyle.

If you cannot decide whether to choose cremation or burial, we suggest you contact us in so that we can help you make a decision, and we will go through all the other details related to the planning of funeral together.