The role of the funeral service provider

Each important moment in one's life requires specific knowledge and skills in order to be commemorated in a convenient and dignified manner. When it comes to arranging final farewells for our beloved who will depart for the other world, the role of the funeral service provider gets a special significance since it is about professionals who will, instead of joy, share all the pain and grief with us and will be the witnesses of our most intimate moments. Because of this, people who are in the funeral business must be extremely discreet, sympathetic, warm and conscious of the burden that each of us carries upon the loss of our beloved ones. They are much more than an associate whom you will hire or ask for advice. They are the backbone, the attentive listener and friend whom you need the most.

At least this is the role of the funeral service provider at POKOP d.o.o. Starting with the fact that we work with you in the most sensitive environment, our approach is characterised primarily by gentleness in communication and understanding for all of your inquires and requests. We want you to feel comfortable with us, and the long-lasting satisfaction of our customers and a leading position in the region further confirm that we are your best choice. We take it upon ourselves to help you say goodbye to your beloved in a dignified and most appropriate way, without causing you additional stress.

POKOP d.o.o. will take care of the transport and organisation of the entire ceremony, as well as the post-funeral reception. We will help you with the funeral planning by giving you advice and ideas which fit your budget. There are many details that you can decide about by yourself, as well as those that can completely be left to our care. If you wish to find out more about our services, the procurement, grave care, the resolution of the burial rights to the smallest details related to the ceremony itself such as the choice of flowers and music or writing and reading of a eulogy, as well as of the opportunities that we offer for the organisation of the post-funeral reception, the funeral mass and commemorative service, please visit our websites which contains all of the above briefly described.

For further information – whether you just need advice or you wish to arrange funeral services – contact us by phone or by e-mail – CONTACT US.

Let us justify your trust in us.