Devotion to a noble task

During the period of mourning, you can rely on us, our experience, our understanding and help, with full confidence, from the moment you inform us on your loss. Death and everything that comes with it is surely something that happens only once.

Departure with no return.

We approach everything that is related to death and the burial with the appropriate attention for the bereaved, their burden or grief and understandable disorientation. We make sure to provide a few words of compassion, equanimity and the appropriate urgency when performing all our services.

By putting your confidence in us, you can rest assured that everything will be organised as a proper ceremony. To all those who mourn we guarantee the needed peace and equanimity at the final gatherings around the deceased.

When you call, we arrive to your home so that you do not have to leave your family and loved ones due to the final farewell ceremony. If you do decide to visit us, our offices in the city centre and in the eastern, western and southern part of Zagreb are at your disposal.

Damir Oniško,
Director of POKOP funeral company