Our Offer

Our goal is to help you so that you can fully inform your family, loved ones and friends about everything that is related to the organisation of the ceremony. We are aware that the area of business which we are dedicated to is related to a painful event. We feel that, in addition to expertise, the important and keen feeling during the handling and performance with all the people whom the death of their relative, friend or acquaintance has affected is also important.

That is why we pay attention to every detail, listen to you and adapt to specific requests.

This offer includes:

  • arrival at the address of your choice or at one of our offices
  • Forensic medicine – complete organisation in the name of the family
  • organisation of the civil or military (Croatian war veterans) funeral or final farewell ceremony
  • setting the appointments for the funeral or final farewell ceremony and all the other services
  • the purchase of the grave and burial equipment (grave, tomb, ribbon for the urns)
  • obtaining the documents for the transport of the deceased in Croatia and abroad
  • funerary equipment (caskets, textile for caskets, headstones, decorative signs, decorative urns, memorial urns and other funeral products)
  • other products (handkerchiefs, flags, cushions for decorations, frames for photos, mourning buttons of the deceased and other miscellaneous products)
  • making obituaries (classical or coloured, with or without photos)
  • advertising in the newspapers or on the Internet (death announcement, memorials, thank you notes)
  • decorating the deceased (make-up, clothes, other)
  • transporting the deceased in our own vehicles in Croatia and abroad
  • the organisation of the flight for the deceased
  • the organisation of transport and accommodation for bereaved family members
  • music services: wind orchestra (brass band), taps (trumpet - military), silence (trumpet), choir (choir), vocal soloist, quartet, choir, duet, soprano, chamber choir, traditional music, string quartet, tambourine vocal and instrumental ensemble, electric piano, instrumental duets, oboe, harph, guitar, violin and other diverse forms of music services
  • flowers (flower arrangements, wreaths, funeral bouquets, petals, etc.) and candles
  • photography and videography
  • video presentation (life story or final farewell)
  • creation of thank you notes and memorial cards
  • memorial books or book of condolences
  • farewell speech (writing and reading farewell speeches)
  • decorating graves (masonry services, religious accessories and photo ceramics)
  • decorating graves (decoration, lighting candles and flower decorations)
  • legal services (lawyer)
  • all supporting funeral services according to your wishes
  • years of experience since 1993