Post-funeral reception

The term "karmine" (Lat. carmen: singing; song) is used in Croatia to designate a post-funeral reception arranged in honour of the deceased at his or her home or at some other place appropriate for this occasion, usually taking place after the funeral ceremony. In the moments of grief and sadness, the people around us among whom everyone takes onto himself or herself a portion of the burden have a positive effect on us, alleviating our pain, while through conversation or silence, words of encouragement or a comforting look, accompanied by food and drinks, we pay our respects to our loved ones who left us too soon. Such customs are well-known in most European countries. They are based on the old belief that the deceased is present at the ceremony and that we can use this opportunity to say goodbye to him or her for the last time. It is considered that on this occasion the deceased visits his home and relatives with whom he eats and whom he gives his blessings. Therefore, food and drink is usually left for him at the table, as well as an empty seat. The entire atmosphere is pervaded by the thoughts and words giving support, showing solidarity and the feeling of unity, with the closeness of the dear ones and their united energy has salutary effect on the mourners. Formerly, the funeral reception used to take place exclusively at the home of the deceased, while today, in urban areas and following the trends, it is not uncommon to arrange this important event at a restaurant, as well, mostly for practical purposes.

Regardless of whether you prefer the idea of arranging the funeral reception at your own home or at some other place, such as restaurant or hotel, we can help you in various ways. If you have sufficient space for the accommodation of all of your guests, we can arrange catering for you which can include only food, but it can include drinks, waiters, tables, chairs, all the necessary dishes and cutlery, as well. You select the menu yourself, as well as the decoration, in case you decide to enrich your space with flowers and other details appropriate for this occasion.

Furthermore, we can help you make a reservation at the restaurant appropriate for the taking place of the funeral reception, or at some other place you prefer. In order to tke a burden off your shoulders, we will take onto ourselves the entire communication and organisation. We can assure you that your funeral reception attendants will remember the reception as arranged with dignity and solemnity, in accordance with the piety we show towards the person for whom we arrange the final farewell. We plan and provide all of the above-mentioned services in cooperation with you and our renowned business partners. We pay great attention to each detail. Each of your requests is received and processed using an individualised approach, according to your wishes. Depending on your taste, we combine the traditional with the contemporary. The price depends on the number of attendees, the menu and the venue. Therefore, we will help you select what suits you best, in order to get the most out of your budget. You can use our services at any time, at any of our offices. Let us help you go through your hard times.