Anniversaries and important dates


The persons who are not with us anymore are still an integral part of our lives. It is quite normal that we think of them every day, as it is the fact that we miss them. Memoies and feelings become more intense on the dates which had a symbolic meaning for us, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and during holidays. The best way for us to mark these special dates is to go to the cemetery or church and to publish memorials in daily newspapers. Although the mourning process is very painful and long-lasting, we suggest you to be surrounded by friends or relatives on such days which arouse strong emotions in you, and to unburden your mind through conversation and reminiscence of the person who left us too early. It will be easier for you to share what is bothering you in the company of those know you and love you, and often a friendly touch, hug or shoulder to cry on are the best therapy.

A nice way of reviving the memory of the deceased is also the preparation of the dishes he or she liked or participation in the activities they found dear. If you have an opportunity to organise a family lunch, do not forget to make a toast to the person who is not with you anymore, and in whose honor you have gathered. If you have time, try helping the ones in need, because helping others is also one of extremely effective ways to alleviate emotional pain, and this form of caritative work will let you get through the days which will remain in your memory as special. By sharing your experience or the experience of the person who died with those whou are in a similar situation and who need support, such as the ones who are seriously ill, we cherish the memory of the deceased with dignity.

For all the ones who are not in a position to do so, Pokop funeral company offers a wide range of services that will revive the memories of the deceased on those specific days in the most appropriate way. Instead of you, we will decorate the final resting place with flowers, light a candle at the grave or arrange a memorial service, that is a commemorative gathering of the family and friends. We can also take upon ourselves the complete care for the grave and visit it periodically (once a week, once a month, on holidays etc.) or on other occasions, according to your wishes, in order for the memory of your loved ones to remain alive throughout the year.